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Tips for planting and maintenance of tomato seedlings

   The weather has warmed, so now is the best time to put in ground tomato seedlings. It is important to follow certain rules, so that young plants to catch, grow and give an output as expected.

   Planting is done at 60-70 cm between rows of varieties with lower port and 70-80 cm between rows and 30-40 cm on the line for larger varieties. Planting is best to put the nest a handful of mranita to be mixed with earth from the nest. After planting, seedlings are 1 to 1.5 liters of water to wet the nest or irrigation lines.



   However it is very important, to know that the tomato plants are not sprayed directly. After planting, seedlings should be to provide support poles. Aracii 1 to 1.2 m long wooden stick into the ground beside each plant, northwards. Instead trellis poles can put thicker wood, 70-80 cm every two meters by one, which stretches from 50-60 inches tall wire. Besides prasilelor repeated breaking of earth crust and weed control is also required by other works. Arac related or trellis is as bushes loaded with fruit and become heavier. Binding is done with twine, strips of cloth or other textile material, just below the leaves surrounding the stem so as to take place to grow fruit. Copilitul, that break shoots grown in primary leaves, is made as soon as they appear, for good fruit development. You can add one or two shoots to bush, from those that occur around the first cluster of fruit, to increase production.


   How and when we wet them out
   Watering is done at 6-7 days, depending on the dryness of the earth. Spring and early summer, tomatoes wet morning, for the earth to warm during the day and the plants do not suffer the cold night. In summer, evening and night watering is when the soil cooler. When watering must follow the water to reach plant roots and not directly. The water used should not be cold, but be left in the sun to warm a bit. Greasy earth is done every 10-15 days from planting seedlings, then two weeks. For this purpose is shown aa to use natural fertilizers such as animal manure (a bucket of garbage thins with five buckets of water) - 10-15 liters per square meter - or mranita, that spread among plants and buries the weed in soil.


   Noggin work is highly recommended, both for early crops, and for the late. It consists in cutting off the tip of the plant to 2-3 leaves above the last bunch of fruit. Leave early tomatoes 4-5 bunches of fruit and 6-8 late in the clusters. This paper hastens fruit ripening tomatoes for early, large and fleshy fruit ensure the culture of summer, and in the late fall before ripening accelerates frozen on the vine. Harvesting tomatoes is cooking as their several times.