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Tips for planning a garden

Even if it is the the autumn, and by the arrival of cold weather is not much preparation for planning a garden in spring should start now.

It is important that those who have such plans to focus in all respects. They must take into account the surface, the soil cvalitatea, the orientation towards the cardinal points and, last but not least, of what they want to achieve.


Patience and ideas


Therefore, it is good to know that, in general, have the advantage of strong colors draw the eye. Used for resting place, make it the star of the garden. But besides that draws red, for example, a color or stimulates tired.
Therefore, space can "spice up" a little red, but attention to color balance. On the other hand, a garden can not exist without fences. In general, fences are built in harmony with the way the house was built and with how to set up garden.
Accents of color are welcome, only to be careful not to go too far with these combinations. A mosaic applied on the inside of a fence, in harmony with a particular area of the garden, so very well, especially if that area has less color. Steps and curbs high distinction are interesting choices, so can be used where necessary.


And a wrought iron came back in fashion spreads successfully in both houses and in gardens. And a traditional garden, romantic and colorful can not do this type of furniture. By contrast, wood furniture is simple and practical, but not create the same decorative effect. And do not forget that a successful garden is exerted, so to achieve the desired result is more work and therefore have to much patience. So, have worked methodically, without ornaments piled without escape and without extended surfaces with grass to plant a tree just to fade away feeling.